(kolor) We definitely need a pop-up store in Paris

Very important message for kolor : please, open a pop-up store in Paris very soon !

How can we stay like that in Europe ? It is almost impossible to find these absolute fashion-beasts and hight quality must-have in our continent.

kolor’s new overcoat design. Exclusively available at Ginza. 

For those who don’t know, kolor is a Japan based fashion brand, most of the time handmade and always crafted with very hight quality materials.

Thanks to a modern point of view, you can find very different materials on the same clothing : leather, fabric, neoprene (yes neoprene, on our all-time favorite sneakers, check it on our Instagram account).

Of course we can find a very small amount of your stuff online, but it is definitely not the same, essentially because we don’t have enough choice. Internet is not real shopping, like seeing all the clothings in one place, trying on multiple ones at the same time and leave the place totally broken.


So please, dear kolor, give us this opportunity !