(Paris) Bachir : the gourmand Lebanese glacier to refresh close to Le Centre Pompidou.

We usually talk about very secret places, in hidden streets. This is time for a more easy-to-find spot, in the center of Paris.

Tired of walking during hours in Le Marais, after visiting exhibitions in Le Centre Pompidou ? It is time to take a break at Bachir, a Lebanese and 100% organic glacier located Rue Rambuteau (300 meters away from Hôtel de Ville).

You will find there basic (and very tasty) ice-creams flavors like vanilla or chocolate, but the main interest is the traditional Lebanese flavors like Laouz (almonds) or Achta (milk cream with pistachio).  You can order very yummy milkshakes and traditional coffee. It is hard not to come back here everyday !


Glace Bachir
Rue Rambuteau 58
75004 Paris