(Roma) Hosteria Del Mercato : the chic and chill place you need

Bio MarketTalking about a restaurant in Roma is maybe the most basic thing we can do. But finding such a relaxing place close to the Piazza di Spagna is a challenge. Where could you take a break after an intense shopping afternoon at Prada and Gucci ? Here is the perfect answer : at the Hosteria Del Mercato !

With a small terrace on the street and a big semi-indoor space, you can enjoy two very different vibes in the same place. From fresh fruit juice to gourmet pasta, the variety of drinks and dishes is truly amazing for a such unadvertised place.

You are searching a nice and high-quality organic market ? Don’t lose your time anymore, there is a big and calm Bio Market in the same building, just go through the left door when you are in the restaurant. You can buy fresh and colorful organic vegetables and every European bio products you need.

RistoranteJust here for tea-time ? Go to the Caffetteria on the right when you are in the restaurant. You will enjoy a calm and “far from the spree” mood.


Via Bocca di Leone, 46, 00187 Rome +

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