(Le Cap-Ferret) La Cabane du Mimbeau : a glimpse of Paradise

Distant from Paris’ spree, Le Cap-Ferret’s enclave is a very unique spot in France. With a calm water side with Le Bassin d’Arcachon and the ocean on the other side (only 20 minutes by walk), you can find every mood you want. From very trendy and chic restaurants to more roots places for oysters tasting, the variery of places is amazing for any newcomer.

That is why we want to talk about this hidden spot called La Cabane du Mimbeau, at the very end of Le Mimbeau (a natural sandbar on the non-oceanic side of Le Cap-Ferret). You can park your car a little bit before, but it will be way better to get there riding a bicycle, enjoying the fresh marine air.


La Cabane du Mimbeau, where you can meet a few connoisseurs during the summer, will offer you everything you need : good wine, fresh seafood fished during the morning and local pate. Sure, you can find almost the same things a few blocks before, but it will be full of tourists. The amazing view on the Dune du Pyla and on the romantic Mimbeau during the low tide make this big terrace unique and very addictive.

La Cabane du Mimbeau 
28, avenue de la Conche 33970 – Cap Ferret – +33 (0)5 56 60 61 67