(Seoul) OMA : The Weaving of Art

OMA is a woman textile artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Her unique creative vision of design brings a raw interpretation of fashion in the form of weaving and mindful play of natural dyes. With the most terrestrial resources, she gives birth to her creations.


A deep philosophy is integrated in her collection, especially in garments. Her strong awareness of the human senses creates a strong bond towards nature, the feeling of being rooted back to humanity and elements, like pure indigo, ebony and leafs for the slow and poetically sustainable dyeing process.


Around her work, fashion photography are evolving to be more organic and brutally subtle to depict the essential meditation during her creative process. Art directors start to gradually step aside from the fashion spree and stand for what they believe in, ethically and artistically.

OMA worked with Alexander McQueen before creating her own brand in 2010. Whilst selling her masterpieces, she prefers to showcase them in her worldwide exhibitions : at Lidewij Edelkoort’s Heartwear (Paris) for the last one. One more proof that garments can be redefine as fine art.


OMA Space Showroom

1-8 Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu Seoul, South Korea

+82 (0)10 9304 3347
+82 (0)10 6286 0056

You can find her on Facebook

All the pictures are from http://www.omaspace.com/ , and are OMA’s propriety.